Platinum Equipment:

Mobile Dip and Strike Drive


Based on our Mobile Drive Unit, we developed a more versatile and movable Dip and Strike Drive Unit for the Platinum and Chrome mines. These unit was designed with ease of installation and production down time.


Transportation is eased by 2 x 7 ton hub heavy duty wheels that are interchangeable between the units.


These units take-up sections are either in 3 meter or 6 meter sections available.


Typical Specification Dip Drive


600 meter long.

600 to 800 ton/hour

12 deg incline

1200 belt width

1.2—1.8 m/s Belt speed

200 kw Power Pack



Typical Specification Strike Drive


200 meter long

400 ton/hour

1050 belt width

1 m/s

45 kw Power Pack.


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