Mobile Drive Unit:

1050, 1200, 1350 and 1500 Conveyor belt width Application.

Patent No: 2006/1745


The Mobile Conveyor Drive Unit was designed to ease installation and transportation of the unit. The unit is hydraulic operated for leveling, height adjustment and boom extension. There are four leveling cylinders on all four

corners with 500mm stroke adjustment.


The boom can be lifted via 2 boom lift cylinders with a 650mm stroke adjustment, that pivot on the back end of the drive unit. A boom extension cylinder with a stroke of 1500mm combined with the boom lift cylinder can adjust the height of the head pulley with 1 000mm.


Transportation of the unit are eased by utilizing two heavy duty wheels that are mounted centrally, and swivel up and down by means of a swing arm to

accommodate height limitations.

The tow bar swivel vertically but are limited to 350mm from the ground for safety reasons. The tow bar is one man operated by means of a safety coil spring.


The spring is tensioned on such a matter that one person can lift the tow bar with minimum effort.


The unit comes complete with a 4 meter take-up section incorporated into the drive unit and is tensioned by a Dymot winch.

Hydraulics is to the preference of each customer.

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